Senior: Devan Meinhart


Hi, I’m Devan Meinhart, and I’m a Creative Media major with a concentration in video games, though I traditionally come from a background of fine art and writing overly long papers for English. I always thought that that’s what I’d pursue in life, but I heard my calling for video game design and narrative writing while taking an intro to game design course from Windward Community College. My dream now is to one day be apart of a game design team, or the creator of my own project which can challenge me both artistically and as a writer. There is a growing shift in the industry, and I want to be apart of it.



Title: Tomato vs. Tomatoe

Question: Was the semantic change from “Global Warming” to “Climate Change” deliberate?

Abstract: Global Warming is a phenomenon caused by man-made CO2 emissions which have caused global temperatures to rise to disastrous levels. While knowledge of this event has been documented as long back as the ‘60s, it didn’t truly enter public conversation until the early 2000s. Since then, the terms used to describe it have steadily moved away from “Global Warming” to “Climate Change.” Reputable sources cite the general blanket term climate change provides for the many ways in which the climate has been affected, but at the same time it seems to take the conversation away from the root cause and more toward the symptoms. This research paper will go into the semantics of how global warming is talked about in the media, and if the evolution from global warming to climate change was a deliberate move in order to push non-climate related goals. The verbal semantics aren’t the only problem, however. The way movies and entertainment capitalize on society’s demand for escapism by profiting off the climate crisis without offering any solutions or honest looks at the real world situation can be just as harmful. If the semantic change were being perpetuated by individuals with ulterior motives, that may negatively inform the opinions of people who develop their world views through social media and entertainment.



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