Senior: David Kaneshiro


Hi! My name is David Keola Hale Kaneshiro, I’m from the island of Oahu, Hawaii and I live in the town of Wahiawa. I will be graduating with the Bachelor Degree in General Creative Media. My interest in media is in the anime industry and all the inner workings of what goes into bringing certain anime to America and adapting them to fit the American audience. If it’s finding out what anime to attempt to dub or the designing of the graphics for certain anime’s promotional advertisements I would like to find out about them and learn more. If I was an artist tool I think I would be an Easel to help support my fellow artists with their work to make them able to reach success and prosper for their future. To me being able to give support or help to my fellow artists is one step to putting out another great future artist into the world who needs assistance.



Title: What Would You Do?

Question: Is anime an appropriate medium to teach young adults about morality?

Background:  In the entertainment industry, the word anime is used to represent Japanese animations that originate from Japan. Within these anime stories lies deeper messages of understanding that often times revolve around morality. Some anime may even go deeper into morality and attempts to create a bigger message for the audience to learn from. In this project, the research looks at anime’s potential of being an appropriate medium to teach morality to young adults. This project discovers research that sees the potential in media in a classroom, morality’s origin, the teaching potential in anime, etc. This project uses social media, Tiktok to display possible scenarios of morality that requires you to make a choice and ask questions like if given a choice of helping a lost kid or not helping him. Utilizing a social media platform enabled the research to bring forth the difficulty of teaching morality to the general public because morality is a personal choice.



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