Senior: Dania Rodriguez


Hi! My name is Dania Rodriguez Wong. I graduated from Mililani High school in 2014. Right after graduating high school, I went enrolled at Leeward Community College. I spent 4years there and later transferred to UH West Oahu. I have learned so many creative things based on what my passion is. I hope to use all of these creative skills in my future career. The degree I’m receiving is my Bachelors of Arts degree in Creative Media. If I were an artistʻs tool, I would be the pencil because not only, would I create what the creator is making but I can bring the creators idea to begging before it gets develop more.



Topic: Importance of Sound

Title: ……

Question: How does our sense of seeing and hearing work together to produce a cohesive and emotional story?

Abstract: Animation has been one of the biggest things throughout the year. Knowing how sound and sight are used in animation we also have to see how it feels to only use one of each. Not many of us can do both. We have obstacles when we can only use one of each sense and by experiencing this we can see how sound is important in animation.


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