Senior: Cory Tom


Hi! My name is Cory Tom and I am majoring in Creative Media with a concentration in Screenwriting. For an artist tool, I would be a blank canvas.  The limitless potential of where to go, who I’ll be, but not a masterpiece yet. After graduation, I want to be able to convince a producer/ agent to get behind my script. I have dreams of working with a team in releasing my work as a 10-20 minute TV show series with a video game tie in.



Title: The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

Question: How does research affect character development when writing a screenplay?

Abstract: Research in a screenplay yields tremendous results on character development in terms of getting audiences to care for one’s story. Character are the traits specific to one’s identity. The protagonist, antagonist, and side characters are major character archetypes that each play a role in a story. Protagonists are characters with an objective who experience the largest development in a story. Antagonists directly oppose themselves to be against the protagonist and their objective. Side characters are figures that either help or hurt the protagonist’s objective progress. Characters that have a personality they want the world to see them as (mask) and a personality reserved for themselves (true self) are multilayered. Audiences understand multilayered characters better because multilayered characters behave like real people. Explaining enough for the audience to understand yet still leaving gaps for imagination is crucial to character development in terms of the amount of research needed. “Cow Tools” by Gary Larson follows this formula of introducing a world but leaves its interpretation open. Research’s effect on character development makes characters audiences understand and love. Thus, encouraging them to care for one’s story.



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