Senior: Cassidy Patmont


Hi! My name is Cassidy Patmont is a multimedia artist based in Kailua, Hawaii. She enjoys exploring the ways in which we communicate ideas and emotions. Of particular interest, is cultural art and how people mix and create art with their own cultural lenses.



Title: Three Art Forms Walk Into A…

Question: How do traditional artforms shift when removed from their native cultures? Do they shift in similar ways?

Abstract: Art has always been instrumental to culture, both as a reflection of it, and as an influencer. And in an increasingly globalized world, artists have more access to foreign works to either adapt, or influence in their own way. This project explores what it means to practice, adapt, or appropriate art forms from different cultures, and questions how we define cultural “ownership”. It looks at three art forms as case studies — guitar, anime, and hula — and utilizes published literature and interviews with contemporary practitioners or academics as resources.



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