Senior: Carlton Hui


Hi my name is Carlton Hui. I graduated from Moanalua High School and went to Leeward and Kapiolani Community College before coming over to UH West O‘ahu. I had a very interesting academic journey… After high school I took nursing classes but then got interested in photography and videography. I started shooting film photography and making YouTube videos in my free time. And from that I decided I wanted to go that route instead. I will be getting a BA degree in Creative Media with a concentration in General Creative Media. If I were an artist’s tool I would have to be an eraser because I find it important to erase and make multiple iterations of your work.



Topic: The Importance of Community Media Centers (Practicum: Ōlelo Community Media)

Title: The Last Bastion

Question: What do community media service centers bring to the community?

Abstract: In today’s world many internet platforms are so vast that messages are lost so what is a person to do if they want to get involved on a local level? Many citizens don’t realize that there are media resources available to them through their local community media service centers. Here on Oahu Olelo provides those services and I worked there as an intern for a few months to get a closer look at the organization.



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