Senior Capstone Showcase Fall 2020

Capstone projects are generally designed to encourage students to think critically, solve challenging problems, and develop skills such as oral communication, public speaking, research skills, media literacy, teamwork, planning, self-sufficiency, or goal setting—i.e., skills that will help prepare them for modern careers and adult life.

The goal of the capstone is to provide an intense experiential learning opportunity where the students are required to guide themselves through inquiry and research.

For example, students are asked to select a topic, profession, or social problem that interests them, conduct research on the subject, maintain a report of findings or results, create a final product demonstrating their learning acquisition or conclusions (a paper, short film, website, app, or multimedia presentation, for example), and give an oral presentation on the project to a panel of teachers, experts, and community members who collectively evaluate its quality.

The capstone experience culminates into a formal presentation at the end of the semester, however, this semester, the oral presentation portion proved a bit challenging and we found a new and better venue for their work to be presented.

Welcome to our online Senior Capstone Showcase. Please go ahead, click around and enjoy!



Keola Borges-Myers

Keola Borges-Myers – Project (Find out more)

Topic: Symbolism in Comic Book Characters

Question: How has society affected comic books ?



Ryne Cabias

Ryne Cabias – Project  (Find out more)

Topic: Society and Art

Question: How is art a reflection of society?



Merrick Daliglig

Merrick Daliglig – Project (Find out more)

Topic: Appeal of Escapism

Question: What makes gentle-progression games like Animal Crossing, so appealing that it’s used as a way to cope with mental issues?



Walter Denson – Project  (Find out more)

Topic: Art & Light

Question: How does the effects of light have on telling a visual story?



Joseph Dingal

Joseph Dingal – Project (Find out more)

Topic: Perception and its Effect on a Community

Question: How does media affect a society’s perception on a community?



David Kaneshiro

David Kaneshiro – Project (Find out more)

Topic: Morality in Anime

Question: Is anime an appropriate medium to teach young adults about morality?



Matthew Kawamoto

Matthew Kawamoto – Project (Find out more)

Topic: The Editing Process

Question: How does an editor translate a directors vision to stay true to the vision of the story?



Brandon Logalog

Brandon Logalog – Project (Find out more)

Topic: Typographyʻs Connection to Culture (Filipino)

Question: Does type dictate how a culture visually communicates?



Roger Luis

Roger Luis – Project (Find out more)

Topic: The Affects of Change on Communication

Question: How does change affect social dynamics and conventional norms of interaction in regards to how we communicate?



Merlynne Mendoza

Merlynne Mendoza – Project (Find out more)

Topic: Social Media and Relationships

Question: Can people create meaningful relationships online?



Ashlynn Miyashiro

Ashlynn Miyashiro – Project (Find out more)

Topic: User Experience and the underbanked Population ( Building trust with design)

Question: How are advancements in technology able to financially include the underbanked community? (How can design instill trust and the feeling of inclusivity into the underbanked population?)



Rebecca Miyashiro

Rebecca Miyashiro – Project (Find out more)

Topic: The Importance of Sound in Hawaiian Culture

Question: What does Hawaiian culture sound like?



Kureha Pambid

Kureha Pambid – Project (Find out more)

Topic: Meaningful Design

Question: Does design hold meaning when used for branding purposes?



Nicasia Paulo

Nicasia Paulo – Project (Find out more)

Topic: Cultural Preservation

Question: Does absence equal to forgetting or did the form of knowledge transform into something else (a new method)?



Autumn Tam

Autumn Tam – Project (Find out more)

Topic: Universal Graphic Design

Question: How and why does signage design differ in the United States versus the world?



Keola Turro

Keola Turro – Project (Find out more)

Topic: Second language learning and the most effective model to facilitate the process (Academics vs. Practical)

Question: When learning to speak a second language what are the different approaches to take, and what kind of environments and mediums can be used to better facilitate the learning process?