Senior: Brandon Ray Santos


Hi! My name is Brandon Ray Santos. I grew up in the Northern Marianas Islands (Close to Guam) and went to Tinian High School. I transferred from UH Manoa in 2019 to UH West Oahu. If I were an artist’s tool I would be a lighting kit. The reason why is because sometimes I feel really bright about my work and other times I can feel dull. Sometimes I feel like making warm and comforting films and other times cold and serious which can be interpreted for the temperature of a lighting kit.



Topic: Video Games and Health

Title: “Gaming” Health

Question: Can video games provide authentic health benefits?

Background: Video games have evolved in many aspects, from the way they look to how they are played. Since the development of video games, playing them has been shown in a bad light. Video games are associated with violence, addiction and depression. However, there has been research conducted to support video games can provide benefits and one of those benefits is to health. When played in moderation, gaming can be effective for physical, mental, and emotional health for people of all ages.



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