Senior: Brandon Logalog


Hello World! My name is Brandon Logalog, I am currently a senior at University of Hawaii West Oahu. I am majoring in the Creative Media field with a concentration in Design and Media. I heavily focus on vector design and typography; I spend a lot of time on Adobe Creative Cloud applications such as Illustrator, constantly enjoying the process of creating and destroying. So far, I have completed freelance projects and projects of my own using my experience I’ve gained at UH West.



Title: Can You Read Me?

Question: Does type dictate how a culture visually communicates?

Background: For the Filipino people, it seems that aboriginal typography has not been familiar to its own people since the Spanish colonial period of the Philippines beginning in 1521. This research project examines typography’s representation in culture. For this project, the Filipino culture will be used. The Philippines has significant traditions and customs that make Filipino’s their own unique people, however through communication they have adapted other culture’s writing traditions or have their original oral traditions being skewed by another’s influence. Bringing attention to Miguel Cuevas Alonso’s article “Philippine ancient writing and the adoption of the Latin alphabet to represent the languages of the archipelago in the arts and orthographies of the Spanish colonial missionary tradition”; Alonso’s article analyzes lost ancient text aboriginal to Filipinos that were refuted by Spanish missionaries. He goes on to reveal how these texts have deeper origin or similarities in other geographical locations; as well as use of creativity and variation on the text among neighboring provinces. Upon viewing an ancient text can reveal remnants of characteristics specifically relating to a whole country, or multiple countries, to even a small region.



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