Senior: Bethany Buckner


Hello! My name is Bethany Buckner. I grew up all over the mainland, moving around every few years. I graduated high school in Maryland, and then I went to Bible College in California. After that, I moved to Hawaii with my family and went to LCC for TV Production, after which I transferred to West Oahu’s Creative Media program. If I were an artist’s tool, I would be a feather quill. The classy and antique aesthetic speaks to the type of creativity I enjoy most. I also value the versatility of the quill, because with it I can write fiction, poetry, and research, or I can draw and design things.



Topic: Media’s Influence over Society

Title: You are What you Eat

Question: Do movies change who we are?

Background: There once was a woman who had a little boy. The boy loved to eat, and the woman loved to cook for him. They had plenty of food to choose from at any time so they were always happy. One day, the woman noticed that the boy was beginning to change, both in appearance and attitude; he was growing rounder and more irritable. Concerned, the woman cooked a huge meal for her boy, hoping his favorite foods would cheer him up and make him feel better. To her great dismay, the boy only grew even rounder and more irritable than before. She then called all of her neighbors together to see her boy and offer him the best food they could make, but despite everyone’s best efforts, the boy only grew worse. This is the way many Americans think in terms of movies as well. They love experiencing movies and watching them with their friends, and are unaware of the fact that movies have the power to affect their health just as much as food can. Movies can be beneficial to our brains and mental health or they can be damaging. If the boy and his mother had learned to moderate their consumption of food, they would have lived much healthier lifestyles. Food, however, is clearly not inherently a bad thing and neither are movies, but the amount and the quality matters when it comes to taking care of our bodies and minds. This paper explores the questions, are there boundaries between what is too much media for a person and what a healthy amount is? Do movies change who we are? Everything we mentally ingest affects us to some extent, so our mental diets need to be carefully curated when it comes to movies.



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