Senior: Ashley Thomas


Hello! My name is Ashley Thomas. I grew up and raised in Japan but have lived in Hawaii a few times throughout my life. I attended and graduated from Kinnick High School, located in Japan. I attended Leeward Community College and then transferred to University of Hawaii – West Oahu. If I were an artist’s tool, I would be a canvas because I believe that all people are a “canvas”, and what we experience adds a new stroke on us which helps us to grow and influences us to be who we are.



Topic: Social Media And Mental Health

Title: Rising4eir

Question: Does Social Media Affect One’s Mental Health?

Background: Within the last decade, social media has become such a widespread platform and normalized to be part of one’s everyday life. With this proliferation into everyday life, it has been proven that social media does affect one’s mental health by impacting one’s well-being. Due to how desirable it has become, various social media applications and platforms have difficulties keeping up with proper regulations to ensure that it is being used properly and safely. The research of this topic looked at multiple and reasonable ways of going about finding solutions to this major issue and/or ways to lessen the effects. These different ways can hopefully help protect one’s mental health, bring awareness, and encourage not only people now but for future generations as well.



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