Senior: Ashley Powell


Hello! My name is Ashley Powell. I was born and raised on island surrounded by cultures of all kinds. I graduated from a homeschool program. If I could be an artist’s tool, I think I would be a paint brush because it is a multi-media tool that serves all sorts of purposes. With proper care, even a lower end brush can create masterpieces.



Topic: People of Color in Horror Films

Title: The Horror of Film

Question: How are P.O.C are affected by the horror film industry?

Background: Horror media has found its way into the hearts and nightmares of people all around the world. This genre of film poses as a reflection of a society’s greatest fears and biases. For decades, film has been used as a tool to showcase and influence many society’s way of thinking from all around the world. This paper serves to provide evidence of these biases existing in the film industry. From minstrel shows to the award-winning film Get Out and the constant remakes of Japanese horror films, they all play a role in explaining the progression and regression of how people of color are perceived in the American film industry. With objectification and stereotypical depictions, American horror films have slowly molded the white public opinion against people of color. The following evidence seeks to prove the problematic nature of common “horror cliché’s” and how they negatively affect people of color to this day.



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