Senior: Armando Dinong


Hello my name is Armando Dinong Jr and I am a senior at the University of Hawaii West Oahu. I am majoring in Creative Media with a concentration of General Creative Media. Crafting unique and efficient designs are extremely satisfying to me. Most of my skills as a graphic designer were self-taught for more than 10 years, but I know furthering my education will instill the knowledge I need to know to make it in the real world. If I were an artist tool I’d definitely be a pen, I say this because the pen tool in most applications like photo-shop and illustrator has the ability to create objects out of thin air and has become my most used tool with the art I create. Hopefully after I graduate I would love to experience the role of an art director and then maybe one day start my own graphic design studio.



Title: What’s for Real and What’s for Sale?

Research Question: Does social media promote an environment of fakes?

Abstract: In today’s society, social media has become a vital source for communication where individuals are able to create and share content online. This online interpersonal communication enables individuals to gain a following on media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter etc. When using social networking sites (SNS), there is a developmental process as to why people stick to certain apps and its intentional uses. The goal of this research is to understand how social media can affect an individual’s character development and the behaviors that might be obtained with the constant usage of social networking sites. Study shows that social media use in younger people may gain behavioral characteristics such as like-seeking behavior motives to gain attention and validation. Other studies demonstrate how personality traits like narcissism may develop and how self-esteem maybe affected. Due to unforeseen circumstances on current issues revolving around the coronavirus (Covid-19) there was a pivot to the research topic. There will be two parts to this research, the first segment will be the initial topic on how character development is affected by social media. The second segment is the counterpart to initial topic and will become the focal point of this research. The counterpart research will instead focus on how distinctive personalities may affect an individual’s social media use. This portion examines personality traits and relies on “The Big Five” as a theoretical approach on determining how personality affects social media use. The narcissistic trait was also highly used in the research but was considered too narrow to be a part of The Big Five. These individuals are exploitative and manipulative. They use social networks such as Facebook and Instagram to gain attention and may even be utilized to gain fame by younger people. These findings confirm the effect of personality traits while using social media.



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