Senior: Anela Mattson


Hi I’m Anela-Pomaikaʻi Mattson and Iʻm a double-major in Creative Media and Marketing at UHWO. If I were an artist tool, I would be a paint brush. Like dipping a paint brush in different colors, I like to dip myself in different areas of art to strengthen my skills. One area I like to indulge myself in is Kawaii art! With my background in business and media, I hope to one day become a creative director for an advertising team.



Topic: Art and Culture

Title: Howdy Hawaiian

Question: How has colonization affected the arts in Native Hawaiian culture?

Abstract: The topic of my research was art and culture, which led to developing the research question, “How has colonization affected the arts in Native Hawaiian culture?”. Being a Native Hawaiian artist myself, I was curious to learn about how colonization has affected the way that art is created today. Colonization had an overall impact on the culture of the Hawaiian people, so I chose to focus on the art traditions that were affected. This paper begins with the history of Hawai’i before, during, and after colonization. This provides a better understanding on how the Hawaiian culture has evolved into what it is today.

I reached out to Native Hawaiian artists who currently create cultural art in Hawai’i. The purpose of this was to gain more insight on their creative process and learn about what art styles have an influence on their work. Online surveys and video meetings were conducted to collect the data from this group of designers. My research findings indicated that Native Hawaiian designers are influenced by both Hawaiian and Western art styles. Western art styles introduced during colonization serve as a new platform for Native Hawaiians to display their work. The content of art remains consistent in the traditions and meaning of the Hawaiian culture.



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