Senior: Andrew McCarthy


Hello, my name is Andrew and I am a Creative Media major at the University of Hawai‘i – West O’ahu, and I have been doing my studies as a Distance Education Student (DES). This has allowed me to take many classes that relate to media, marketing, and analysis, which has fueled my interest in analyzing social media and how users are using these modern platforms.



Title: Who’s Got the Power

Question: How does a generation exposed to news with social connection, problem-solving, social action and entertainment, view and consume information?

Abstract: Knowledge is power. It’s an expression that is applicable today in the form of consumption of information on social media. In this study, knowledge equates to sentiment and selective word choice to convey a message, and power is the influence and engagement of followers on a selective platform. Selective word choice directly correlates to the sentiment of a statement and the power it may yield through its conveyance. In an inundated world of overwhelming clickbait information, the proficiency of selective word choice, within a specific context, has become increasingly connected to the amount of power a person may have. The study analyzes data from the social media platform Twitter, a platform based on microblogging and social texting, by gathering sentiments through texts (i.e. tweets) of powerful individuals and media outlets and their selective word choice on the platform. Sentiment specifically adds to engagement but is not the sole proprietor, the context of a tweet is necessary for engagement and sentiment cannot stand alone.



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