Visual Services Consultant

at Hawaiian Electric
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Honolulu, HI, US

Job Functions
Coordinates the planning, design and production of visual communication tools to support all Company operations, issues-management efforts and other communications with employees, customers, regulators and other audiences.
Brief Description
The Corporate Communications (Internal) Division of the Corporate Relations Department at Hawaiian Electric Company has one (1) Management vacancy available. (Role: Professional)
Fundamental Responsibilities
Manages the planning, design, coordination, and production of videos for internal and external audiences, including video and images for social media. Produces or oversees production of PowerPoint slides, photographs and other audiovisual tools and programs.   This includes:

Researching, writing and editing scripts for visual presentations.

Executing photography, videography and other visual tools for those projects.

Performing on-camera/voice-over for sound tracks. Providing on-camera/voice-over coaching for others.

Designing post-production for programs. This includes the mixing of sound, narration, music and the effective use of character generator, color graphics and other ancillary equipment.

Overseeing the duplication and distribution of programs and print materials.

Forecasts and tracks costs for visual production materials and services. Administers consultant and vendor contracts.

Coordinates and executes visual documentation of major Company events for archival uses as well as integration in the various Company communication vehicles.

Serves as consultant in visual communications techniques, equipment, and materials to Company and Hawaiian Electric Industries affiliated companies. Also assists other departments with audio visual needs.

Maintains and coordinates equipment maintenance and repair.

Maintains library of work tapes, digital files, prints and finished video programs. Trains designated employees in the set-up and operation of Company-owned small format video and still equipment.

Other Responsibilities
Fundamental Requirements
Knowledge Requirements

  • Expert in communications/information dissemination techniques and theory. Understanding of the ways people communicate, listen and learn.
  • Expert in the use of video and still photography cameras and ancillary audio, lighting, editing, graphics, projection and other equipment.
  • Technical knowledge of photographic concepts, and evolving visual technologies.
  • Working knowledge of budgeting and forecasting processes.
  • Working knowledge of communications technology, including digital camera technology, editing systems and audio/visual equipment.
  • Experience using graphics as an element of video production.

Skills Requirements

  • Ability to conceptualize new ideas quickly.
  • Ability to grasp complex issues and issues management concepts and strategies and to translate/communicate these concepts into audiovisual programs.
  • Strong organization, coordination, project management skills to handle concurrent projects and programs.
  • Ability to perform with minimal assistance or supervision. Ability to remain flexible in a demanding work environment and to adapt to rapidly changing priorities.
  • Strong writing and visualization skills.
  • Skilled in camera operations.
  • Strong creative editing, design and graphics skills.
  • Ability to work with people at all levels of the Company and to work collaboratively as a member of a team.
  • Ability to handle difficult and/or sensitive issues using tact, courtesy and discretion.
  • Ability to act as a liaison between Senior Management and other employees in the company.

Experience Requirements

  • College background in communications or equivalent experience.
  • Multiple (5-7) years progressive experience in directing and/or production in news, documentary or instructional television.
  • Several (3-5) years professional camera experience in broadcast media.
  • Several (3-5) years experience in script writing.
  • Several (3-5) years experience in professional videotape editing.
  • Familiarity with Final Cut Pro Studio; Background in computer animation desirable.
  • Several (3-5) years experience in still photography.
  • A few (1-2) years experience in speech/drama desirable.

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