Creative Media and Graphic Design Intern

at iTrampoline Hawaii
Available through:

Waipahu, HI

iTrampoline Hawaii is seeking students that are juniors or seniors who can create and edit high quality videos, pictures, and flyers . Students must be professional and reliable. Interns would be required to work for at least 10 hours a week including a few Saturdays or Sundays. There will be multiple assignments to work on, whether it’s creating flyers or videos or editing pictures to be posted on our social media platforms. iTrampoline Hawaii is a family fun park located in Waipahu. We provide a place for families and friends to enjoy jumping on trampolines and other amusement activities. Our goal is to expand and increase our market presence as we’ve relocated from the Campbell industrial Park area. We look forward to working with young students in our community by giving them an opportunity to develop their skills and gain experience.

Contact Details:

Shaila Toyama