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Give leadership and direction to creative arts expressions in the Division, Corps, and at special events.

Participate in the development and creative process in planning special events.

Develop a divisional drama group and a divisional dance group.

Act as a resource and advisor to Corps groups.

Liaison for Corps groups/individuals participating in divisional events.

Development of specific segments of special events as requested.

Act as stage manager in handling all technical areas in the operation of special events.

Creation and organization of props/scenery/costumes as needed.

Maintain and provide resources to the field as requested.

Seek out and develop potential leaders in all areas of creative arts.

Maintain a creative arts social media page for communication purposes.

Participate as requested at summer camp programs including Music & Creative Arts Camp and Music & Drama Conservatory.

Participate in the Territorial Arts Ministries Conservatory as requested.

Coordinate the participation of young people for the TAM Conservatory.

Coordinate the creative arts participation at Star Search.

Coordinate rehearsals for program participants at divisional events.

Participate in the planning and execution of NJYouth retreats/ministry weekends.

Be committed to the mission of The Salvation Army.

Work as a member of a team.

Communicate thoughts and vision clearly for the direction of the division and the position.

Must be proficient in all areas of responsibility.

Must demonstrate decision making capabilities.

Requested, but not required, a musical background.

Possess a valid driver’s license.

Ability to create programs and technical sheets.

Education and Experience:

A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in an arts related field, or equivalent combination of education and experience.

Must be a uniformed Salvationist actively involved in a Corps setting.

Contact Details:

Maria Simmons

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