• Adam Harris

    Creative Media Instructor
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    Kauaʻi Community College

    Creative Media

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Amber Lily Wild Concept Art

Forged in love, born into the inner circles of the newly formed Apple Computer empire, and expertly trained by one of the world most creative minds, John R. Harris.  Adam was set free by his parents and family, challenged to explore, raised on free thought, addicted to problem solving, and always received healthy servings of aesthetic beauty from the world reflected back.  A natural born leader, free thinker, and visionary. Ultimately choosing the remote island Kauai in the Pacific Ocean to follow his heart, serve the greater good, in service to God, Truth, his Family, and Community.  When a break from the garden is in order, family life, playing music and creative expression nourish his soul.

Currently Teaching Graphic Design, 3D Animation, Music Production, Digital Photography, and Art History at Kauai Community College.